Clark Atlanta Celebrates Senior Night in Win over Miles; 70-58

ATLANTA, Ga. – Clark Atlanta men’s basketball defeated Miles on Senior Night; 70-58. The victory has Clark Atlanta claiming the Eastern Division of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Score: Clark Atlanta 70; Miles 58
Record: Clark Atlanta (18-11; 12-5 SIAC); Miles (7-20; 7-9 SIAC)
Date: Feb. 23, 2017 | Time: 8:00 p.m.
Location: L.S. Epps Gymnasium | Atlanta, Ga.

First Half | Lawrence Triplett opened up the first half scoring the first two points followed by Tim Sanders with a layup allowing the Panthers a 4-0 run; 4-0. After a sudden turnover, Tajai Johnson stole the ball from the Golden Bears as Damien Davis came in with two layups adding four points and Anthony Williams who added an additional two points allowing the Panthers a 10-0 run. The Golden Bears ended the Panthers run with a layup as the Panthers forced them into a turnover regaining possession with Sanders making a layup and being sent to the free throw line. Chuka Eneh added two points for the Panthers with a layup with assistance from Sanders allowing the Panthers a 5-0 run; 15-2. The Panthers and Golden Bears went head-to-head as the Panthers held on to their lead as Triplett and Davis scored adding a combined six points; 21-7. The Panthers were on fire as Derek Harper added a 3-pointer to push the Panthers to 24-9 before the Golden Bears did the same. As the Golden Bears attempted a run, Johnson and Williams cut it short with two back-to-back shots from behind the arc, 30-15. With 2:56 remaining in the half, Triplett added four points with a layup followed by a dunk pushing the Panthers to 34-23. The Golden Bears began make a run leading into halftime leaving them within one point of the Panthers, 34-33.

Clark Atlanta shot 15-for-36 (41.7 percent) from the floor in the first half while going 1-for-3 (33.3 percent) from the FT line. From behind the arc, Clark Atlanta shot 3-for-11 (27.3 percent) and they lead in rebounds (21-19) and steals (5-2).

Second Half | As the Golden Bears went on a 16-0 run spanning the intermission to take the lead for the first time, the Panthers ended that run with Triplett at the free throw line shooting 1-for-2; 35-39. Triplett came back adding three points from behind the arc with assistance from Davis followed by another 3-pointer by Johnson leaving the Panthers trailing by two points; 43-41. The Golden Bears made a run before Williams came with a 3-pointer followed by Triplett with a layup leaving them within one point of the Golden Bears, 47-46. The Panthers quickly regained their lead with Williams shooting a 3-pointer followed by Davis with a layup, 51-47. Johnson helped continue the Panthers 9-0 run with a jump shot that added two points before the Golden Bears sent Sanders to the line who shot 2-for-2 with 8:54 remaining in the half, 55-51. As the half continues, Davis adds two points for the Panthers with a layup followed by Triplett and Davis shooting 2-for-2 at the free throw line allowing the Panthers to hold their lead, 65-55. With 50 seconds left in the half, Sanders and Davis are sent to the free throw line where they made a 4-0 run as Davis finished the half with one additional point from the free throw line leaving the Panthers victorious over the Golden Bears, 70-58.

Clark Atlanta shot 23-for-63 (36.5 percent) from the floor, 7-for-25 (28.0 percent) from the arc, and 17-for-24 (70.8 percent) from the FT line.

CAU led the battle in assists (12-10) and steals (8-2).

Triplett led all players with 18 points as he shot 71.4 percent from the free throw line followed by Davis (17), Sanders (11), and Williams (11).

Sanders finished with the team-high eight rebounds as Williams led with four steals.

Chuka Eneh concluded the game with two points and three rebounds.

Derek Harper scored three points  with one rebound and one assist.

Tajai Johnson scored eight points with six rebounds  and three steals.

Clark Atlanta will play in the SIAC Championship tournament at the Birmingham CrossPlex beginning Feb. 27

.Clark Atlanta faces Miles for the title of East Division Champions

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