Florida State Wins After Great Defensive Effort


The Florida State Seminoles are on a two game win streak after beating Northern Illinois University last week and also beating the Louisville Cardinals yesterday in a heated battle that Florida State won in the final minutes. The Cardinals lead for most of the game and would have won until he threw a pass that was intercepted by senior defensive back AJ Westbrook at the Florida State 19-yard line. A questionable play call considering that the Cardinals had the lead, were inching closer and closer into the end zone, and the Seminoles only had two timeouts remaining. Deondre Francois made them pay for their mistakes and the Seminoles would then score on a 58-yard touchdown pass, connecting with Noonie Murray, putting the Seminoles in front 28-24.

This is a much needed bit of relief for Florida State players, coaches and fans alike after a rocky start to the season. This was a great conference win, especially after two losses to Louisville under the leadership of Lamar Jackson. While Florida State won yesterday off of a magnificent defensive effort that has been carrying this team, they are still struggling to get more offense from Cam Akers , who had over 1,000 yards rushing last year. They weren’t efficient in third down conversions, time of possession and even field position most of the time. However, there was some improvement on offense in an area that has been of concern for the past few years. The offensive line. Florida State didn’t allow Deondre Francois to get sacked, this is the first time in four years they didn’t allow an ACC opponent to get a sack on the quarterback.

Florida State has looked like they’re improving over these past two games, they’re starting to jell and come together on the field. Perfect timing considering they’re headed to South Florida and facing the Hurricanes Oct. 6th.  Miami is ranked 16thin the country and has a 4-1 record, turning their season around after losing to LSU opening week. The Seminoles will be not only be looking for another conference victory but to also to get revenge on  the Hurricanes who beat them last year with 6-seconds left in the game. Miami is favored by 11-points but the Seminoles are not backing down and plan to go to Miami and fight.



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