Georgia College Softball Season Opener



Georgia College Softball opened Saturday February 4 against Albany State and Queens. The Bobcats started their season with a 3-1 record and will continue to play in the NFCA Kickoff Event. The Bobcats were able to win the first game against Albany State 8-2, which led to winning all games against the Albany State team. The Bobcats only loss from the weekend was to Queens (N.C.).

Flanders was a key player in both rounds of the tournament for Georgia College along with several other players on the team. Both Danielle Bernstein and Caroline Snyder made two hits while also scoring twice. Baylee Hall also went 2-for-3 with a pair of RBIs in these first few games of the Bobcat Kickoff Tournament. Kayla Price harnessed a point for the Bobcats as she hit the first home run of the season during this tournament. All of these players are upperclassmen and strive to be positive driving forces and leaders for this team.

The Bobcats will continue to the NFCA Kickoff Event in Clearwater, Florida, Friday through Sunday. The team will play against #17 Saint Leo, Eckerd, #12 St. Mary’s, Central Missouri, and finish out against Florida Tech. These games are not conference exclusive.




Update on the NFCA Kickoff Event:

The Bobcats lost all these games during the NFCA Kickoff Event in Clearwater, Fl. Most of the losses were only by a point or two. The Bobcats played hard and with great force throughout the weekend and will come back to play Anderson (S.C.)

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