Georgia: The Tipping Point

(Photo Courtesy: Brittany Taylor)

I’ve said before that Georgia was dangerously close to disaster this season, but is it really that bad?

In the agony that followed the heart-wrenching, gut-check loss to Auburn on Saturday, a good friend of mine pondered this with me. We realized there are two sides to this sharply-edged coin.

Georgia fans can be happy that we’re 6-4, knowing that we are only seven points away from being 3-7.

Or they can be upset that we are 12 points away from being 9-1.

Somehow, the Bulldogs managed to land right in the middle, and the fanhood tends to agonize over it.

So, I ask you, Bulldog Nation, to take a step back, and look at Florida.

They have shown exactly what it’s like to be in both extremes. Last year the Gators went 11-1 in the regular season, and they won four games by eight points or less. Their only loss (to Georgia, I might add) was by a mere eight points as well.

This year, they’ve hit the proverbial tipping point. They’re now losing all those close decisions. Florida sits at 4-6 overall. Of their six losses, four of them came by a combined 24 points (six per game).

They’re going to need an upset of #2 Florida State to make a bowl game.

I ask you again, Bulldog Nation, should we be that upset? Here we sit at 6-4 with two very winnable games remaining, and we’re only a couple of bad bounces away from being in Florida’s position.

Sure, we’re also a couple bounces away from being in Auburn’s spot, too, but that’s football. That’s life.

Let’s pick up the pieces, get back on track, and enjoy the time we have left of Aaron Murray, the SEC’s all-time leader in passing touchdowns.

Because it sure could be worse.