UWG Midnight Madness

west georgia hoopsPreseason basketball is in full swing as thousands of howling Wolves fan filled the stands at the Coliseum Monday night for the first official practice of the 2013 season, an event popularly called “Midnight Madness.”

A crowd of mostly students and some community residents packed the bleachers just after 11:20 pm for a chance to get a first look at the Women’s and Men’s Basketball team.  Most memorable events on the night inlcude, a “knock-out” competition between the students and the Women’s basketball teams and a high-flying dunk contest featuring the Men’s basketball team. Adding to the thrills, spectators had the chance to participate in numerous prize winning games and win free Midnight Madness T-Shirts, gift cards, and pizza.

In other sports, the UWG Volleyball team won a suspenseful, 5-set match over West Alabama on Thursday at the Coliseum. Aside from the win, the night was also special because the Volleyball team paid tribute to those affected by breast cancer, by holding their annual “Volleypink” night.  On gridiron, the UWG football team will host arch-rival Valdosta State at University Stadium, kick-off scheduled for 2pm.