Wildcats : What It Takes To Win

Fort Valley, Ga (November 2, 2013) -The Fort Valley State Wildcats triumph from Saturday’s game was not only overwhelming, but exhilarating. The Wildcats gained victory on the Morehouse Tigers with the score of 46 to 19.


Sophomore Quarterback Malcolm Eady rushed and passed the Wildcats up and down the field to win over Morehouse at Wildcat Stadium. His dynamics on the field include a total of 95 rushing yards including for one long break of 22 yards. No.5 Johnquez Sanders contributed to the outstanding Wildcat victory with thirty-two rushing yards for two touchdowns.


Eady connected to Wide receiver, number 7, DeAngelo Smith, for a total of one hundred forty yards and three touch downs. Eady quoted, “”That’s my go-to guy,” Eady said of Smith. “That touchdown was all him.”

A dramatic late hit from no. 17, DeRon Furr , caused Fort Valley a moderate penalty for  a loss of 15 yards, therefore what makes it worse is the immediate ejection from the game. However, he is still eligible to suit up for the 2013 Classic against Albany State. After the game, Furr quoted, “Only the strong survive”.

The next challenge for the Wildcats will be against the Albany State Rams in Columbus, Ga for the Classic. The men are preparing for a key game that may decide their fate for the playoffs.

– By : Caral Ann Jadoo