Arkansas State anchor marks Kentucky as top contender

A-state sports anchor Eric Frazier's bracket

Arkansas State sports anchor Eric Frazier’s bracket reflects winning records or as T-Pain said, “…win, win, win, no matter what…” It’s obvious with Kentucky’s undefeated record (34-0) that many college basketball fans are roaring for the wildcats.

“Kentucky continues to prove themselves,” said Frazier. He likes the team’s overall aggresion from offense to defense. He takes note on steals and turnovers and believes that Kentucky does a great job of handling it. However, Frazier isn’t a fan of Duke because “[he’s] not feeling them this season.” He has noticed the Wisconsin Badgers (31-3) recently, who won the Big Ten tournament, which is why it is listed in the top four along with the Kentucky Wildcats, Villanova Wildcats (32-2), and Iowa State Cyclones (25-8).

The Badgers faced off against Michigan State, which is what caught Frazier’s eye. “Wisconsin came from behind and went to overtime and won the game.” This convinced Frazier that this team was strong. The Villanova Wildcats are also seen as a strong contender, even stronger than Iowa State. However, he originally had the UNI Panthers (University of Northern Iowa) in the top four and Frazier admits that he was “completely lost in the East.” He said that the East is the weakest braket. After listening to sports analysts, Frazier decided that Villanova was a better pick. The Iowa State Cyclones won the Big Twelve, but are seen nothing more than just another strong team.

Frazier doesn’t see Wisconsin in the West or Iowa State in the South making it in the final two. No, it is Wildcat against Wildcat. Based on record, looks like there is a possibility both teams with claw it out in the championship or maybe he just likes furry animals.

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