Bear Nation back Between the Bricks Again

lru football

HICKORY– It’s less than hour away from one of the most exciting football games in North Carolina! Now some may be thinking that the game that I am referring to is the Duke and Florida State game as they battle it out for the ACC Championship.  Yes, we all know that Duke has continuously rocked the ACC and ascendant dramatically in the BCS standings but enough of the same oh same oh.  Let’s bring your attention to a whole new avenue.  A school who has undeniable talents but rarely talked about. A school you’ve probably never heard of.

Lenoir Rhyne University, a division II school in Hickory, NC,  who is a major threat in the entire nation because of their tight triple-option offense, and unconstrainable defense. Some would like to call them the “Untouchables”, and some would call them the “Unstoppables” I wouldn’t dare argue against this.  For almost 12 weeks, the Lenoir Rhyne Bears have made themselves known on the National level.  For the first time since 1962, the team has elevated to the third rounds of playoffs and today is the big day.  The day is finally here.  They are hosting yet another game in the great Moretz Stadium.

The Bears (11-1) are fighting against North Alabama (10-2) for the 2013 NCAA Division II National Quarterfinals.  With only 8 teams left, the Bears are currently ranked 13th in the nation while the North Alabama Lions are ranked 16th overall.

The Bears has traveled an amazing journey these past couple of weeks.  They have encountered some milestones at the rear of their regular season games and now post-season.  A couple weeks ago, against Carson Newman, the Bears quarterback, Miles Freeman, a transfer from Carson Newman, suffered from a severe injury that put him out for the remained of the season.  Last week, the Bears faced them again only this time, the battle was a little harder.  Carson Newman came ready, they practically studied the Bears offense up and down.  Mid way through the game, the 2nd string quarterback Teverrius Jones also suffered a minor injury against the same school.

For the entire game, the team was down.  The entire stadium were in a state of disappointment, everyone was losing hope no one thought that the Bears would be able to come through.  But suddenly something happen when Jones became hurt.  The third string quarterback, Josh Justice step in and gave the Bears a little hope by running a short touchdown that tied the game.  Shortly afterwards, Justice did it again, except only this time he threw a touchdown pass towards the end of the 4th quarter which lead the Bears to a triumph victory.

It’s December folks, a time where everyone is preparing for college basketball schedules, folks in Hickory are heading to the stands to root on their favorite L-R Bears in a amazing war against the Lions today!  The game starts in less than 30 minutes, and almost everyone in the Bear Nation is well ready for the clock to strike 12.

So in 5,4,3,2,1 it’s almost time for a unbelievable combat, in Between the Bricks Again. It’s game time at noon, GET READY!