Mercer Football

After over 70 years without football, Mercer University plans to hit the ground running at its   first home game against Reinhardt on August 31, 2013.  This historic game sold out within just 24 hours of tickets going on sale.   Although the excitement off campus is building, there is no place as excited as Mercer. When I talked to some of the students to see how they felt about football, most of the students replied, “I cannot wait to see the team during the open practice” which was held yesterday at 7:00 pm.  At the open practice, students were to meet the players and were  introduced to the six captains of the 2013 Mercer Football squad. There was also a student ticket giveaway where students who stayed the whole time were able to get a free student ticket with their Mercer ID cards.  Without a doubt, the atmosphere at Mercer University is filled with both anticipation and excitement as the Mercer Bears show the campus and everyone else the result of their first preseason training camp.    This is going to be an exciting historic point in the university’s history!  Go Bears!