Midnight Madness

Fort Valley, Ga

Fort Valley State University‘s Men and Women’s basketball team had a successful turnout for midnight madness. The event consisted of dunk contests, audience participation, music and also a time of new beginnings. Brandon Davey , a senior Political Science major, and team captain for the Men’s Basketball team stated, “ I feel like our team is seen as one of the top two teams in the conference since I’ve been here at Fort Valley State. I also feel like we have potential to have a 20 plus win season and knowing that it’s not only my senior year but also, Nigel Dominic and Joshua Davis’, we can make this happen; we have a winning mindset”.  Seeing Davey as a huge factor for the Wildcats, his resilience is needed for this season.

Davey also noted that the team wants more of the student body to support them.. “The turnout for midnight madness from the student body was great. I feel support from the fans, but it can be increased. In order to keep a championship run alive , we need that support.

By: Caral Ann Jadoo ,Senior