This past season the University of Kentucky football program picked up 2 new players, one being the talented Nebraska transfer, Courtney Love.

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There is no doubt that Love will bring excitement and strength to UK’s defensive, considering he was once recruited by the 2014 National Champions, Ohio State University.

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Love is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and played for Cardinal Mooney High School, the same school UK’s head coach Mark Stoops went to. Love is 6-2, 245 pounds. He usually plays outside linebacker but has the athletic ability to play both outside and inside linebacker. While at Nebraska, he showed his ability to be a standout athlete. He was a redshirt freshmen during the 2013 season at Nebraska and still managed to put on an impressive performance earning him Scout Team Defensive MVP honors. As Love enters the 2015-16 season with the Wildcats, he opened up about why he made the decision to join Kentucky’s football program and what he hopes to gain during this upcoming season.


Karis Wilson: Why did you decide to transfer from Nebraska to Kentucky?

Courtney Love: I would say my main reasons were family issues. I love Nebraska but I felt like it wasn’t for me and my coach got fired. I was looking for a school that was the best fit for me.

Karis Wilson: I saw that coming out of high school you had offers from Indiana, Michigan, USC and also Ohio State University, who won the National Championship this year; why did you past up the option to play at Ohio State coming out of high school and why did you decided to transfer to Kentucky instead of Ohio State?

Courtney Love: I was actually committed to Ohio State from the beginning. I just didn’t want to be that close to home. I wanted to go somewhere with people that I knew and the head coach was from my high school so I knew him on a personal level. I’ve known him since I was nine years old. Also, Coach Murrow who is the recruiting coordinator here was at Nebraska when I went, which was huge for me also. With the transferring process I could have went to Ohio State but I defiantly would have had to sit out a year versus here I have a chance to start.

Karis Wilson: What do you hope to get out of this upcoming season?

Courtney Love: Mostly try to bring in as much as I can, my knowledge to the game and learn a lot from these coaches here in the SEC and hopefully add to a big time recruiting class we had this year and also add to the linebacker corps.

Karis Wilson: What are you looking forward to most playing here at Kentucky?

Courtney Love: Playing in the SEC because you are playing against the best talent every game.

love  at kentucky

Karis Wilson: I read on ESPN a few of your key traits and I saw that your diagnostic skills are very good and that you have the ability to provide great outside run support. What do you think is the most dynamic part of your game?

Courtney Love: I would say, my most important role is getting guys fired up and convincing guys, when we are down 17 points we can come back. I would say on the field would be stopping the run.

Karis Wilson: Is there a part of your game that you would like to improve this season?

Courtney Love: I defiantly want to improve my speed, pass recognition and pass coverage.

Karis Wilson: Answer this question, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today if it wasn’t for?

Courtney Love: My dad.

Karis Wilson: Who do you admire most when it comes to sports?

Courtney Love: An athlete that really inspires me would be LeBron James.

Karis Wilson: What has football taught you about life?

Courtney Love: Character, because you have to be able to adapt to many different personalities on the team. I have taken away three things from football character, discipline, and accountability.

Karis Wilson: Would you like to play for the NFL one day and if so what team?

Courtney Love: The Steelers definitely because that my favorite team.

Karis Wilson: What is a motto or saying that you like to go by?

Courtney Love: Don’t mistake temptation for opportunity. That is something I’ve always kind of lived by.





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