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By: Katelyn Wienbarg

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The Reinhardt Eagles have played a total of 7 games this basketball season. Out of the 7 games the Eagles have a total of 3 wins and 4 losses. The first 3 wins the Eagles accomplished were against Florida College (88-67), Trinity Baptist College (84-78), and Hiwassee College (78-69). Unfortunately, the next 4 games the team played resulted in losses against Tennessee State University (66-97), Tennessee Wesleyan College (94-101), Pensacola Christian College (75-83), and St. Andrews University (88-94). The first 6 games the men played were away, and the home opener for the Eagles was against St. Andrews.

In the season opener against Florida College on November 7, four players scored in double-figures. Corey Ricks scored a team-high of 23 points, Matt Porter added 16, Justin Zachary added 15, and Perie Finley added 10. Not only did four players score in the double-figures for the Reinhardt Eagles, they forced 31 turnovers to defeat Florida College.

The second game of the season against Trinity Baptist College on November 8 Josh Cooper scored a total of 22 points for the Reinhardt Eagles. Closesly following Cooper, Perie Finley added 13 points and Nehemiah Jones added 10 for Reinhardt. The third game of the season against Hiwassee College on November 13 resulted in Reinhardt University Eagles third consecutive win for the season. Once again, four players scored in double-figures. Corey Ricks scored a ream high of 19 points, Perie Finely scored 12, and Daquan Langston and Justin Zachary each added 10 for their team.

On November 15, the Eagles played their first conference game of the season against Tennessee Wesleyan University. Corey Ricks scored 12-of-17 from the field and made 7-of-10 from the charity stripe, Justin Zachary had a total of 12 points to add, as well as Daquan Langston and Nehemiah Jones both adding 11. The Eagles forced a total of 19 turnovers, but that would not be enough for the Eagles to pull out a victory.

The Eagles second conference game against St. Andrews University took place at Reinhardt University on November 22. Corey Ricks finished with a game-high of 30 points, Justin Zachary followed close behind resulting in 17 points, and Peire Finley added 10. Reinhardt forced 22 turnovers and accomplished 11 steals from the other team. Ricks and Ira Hughley both had 3 steals for the Eagles.

The Reinhardt Eagles will be back in action on Tuesday, November 25, at Bryan.

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