So, What Now Georgia ?

It was one of those weekends that happens at least once during every college football season. The kind of weekend that brings surprises, upsets that keep us glued to our seats, while totally rearranging national rankings and post season travel plans.

George O’Leary’s Knights riding into the home of Colonel Sanders and plucking the Red Birds wasn’t as big a surprise as was Florida State did at Clemson. Hey, who were those guys in the orange uniforms ? Sure didn’t look like  the crew that Georgia saw in week 1.

Ah Georgia, the season that started with high hopes and lofty dreams has taken cruel and unusual turn. You can’t hang this on Coach Mark Richt who had some of the SEC’s premier offensive weapons wearing red and black when the season began. The murderers row start to the season would provide a test would potentially favor the Bulldogs with the national pollsters. The idea was to win games and  survive physically.

The injury factor is something you just can’t predict, and it has taken a lot of steam out of the Georgia offensive attack. Players from down the depth chart are thrown into the first with expected results, miscues, penalties and turnovers.

I won’t say much about the defense, because there really isn’t much to say. A unit that was expected to struggle from the start has simply failed to mature and I’m sure that anything can be done during this week off to cure it.

When the schedule as released I pointed to the Vanderbilt game as trouble, or a trap game. This is not the Vanderbilt of old and it came at the perfect time for Georgia to see the bye week before Florida and letting their foot off the gas pedal. Those were my thoughts before the injuries started to mount and Missouri , a school located to the west of the majority of schools in the conference, threw a shock into the SEC East in Athens two weeks ago.

So, What Now Georgia? That rematch with Alabama in the Georgia Dome is off the table, along with a shot at any BCS game. The following weeks will provide a major character check for Coach Richt and company. A lost to the Gators would truly be devastating, but even if Georgia wins at Jacksonville there is an Auburn team lying ahead that is an even bigger surprise than Missouri. Auburn could end up in the Georgia Dome against Missouri. Raise your hands if you saw this coming.

Fasten your seat belts and bring your tray tables and seats to their upright and locked positions. Add some foam to the runway, the second half of Georgia’s schedule could be rougher than the first.vandy over uga


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