Was This the Best Move For a Successful Coach?

buzz williams

As we all know over the past few years, Buzz Williams, the former coach for Marquette University, brought Marquette back to being a national powerhouse. When Buzz first came to Marquette they were very mediocre and had some rough years before his time. He was a patient coach, willing to work with his players to develop them into the players they were meant to be. He pushed his players to their maximum potential. For example, you have Jay Crowder, NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks who recently just played for Williams not to long ago. Crowder was good, but Buzz groomed him into the fine college player that he was. Buzz had a passion for having great relationships and high energy with all of his players.

He turned this program around within a few years. They eventually climbed up into the top ranks of the Big East along with Syracuse, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, and UCONN when they were still apart of the BIg East. They also took over the tournament in his tenure at Marquette. Reaching the regional finals and regional semifinals twice over the last three tournament runs were not surprising to them. In years before they did not see past the second round of March Madness.

As some would say he was a very successful coach, why would he leave this program that was now a major school for future prospects to go to coach a bottom tier ACC school. Buzz Williams will be the head coach for Virginia Tech Hokies this upcoming season. Of course everyone is surprised by this decision that he made. Williams knows what he is doing. He knows his future and no one sees his vision. The Hokies have had terrible seasons the past few years with the struggle of losing a long time head coach in Seth Greenberg. Williams is a information geek. He thirsts for information. He is a very smart guy, a lot of people do not know that he comes up with some of his contract terms.

The major question is why though, why did he leave? The question arises because he also took a pay cut in his salary. He will be making less money at Virginia Tech rather than staying at Marquette. Maybe it is not all about the money for him. Every decision he makes is from a balanced perspective. Not every decision someone makes in life makes sense, as long as it makes sense to that person making the decision is all that matters.

Buzz could of been worried about the future of the Big East and his trajectory at Marquette, maybe that is what helped him make a decision. We hope to see him succeed with this coaching job as well.



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