Women’s Basketball Season Ends in Second Round of SIAC Championship to Claflin; 70-55

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Clark Atlanta women’s basketball saw the season come to an end in the second round of the SIAC Championship with a 70-55 loss to Claflin.


Lauren Turner leads the Panthers in their final feat against Claflin University

Lauren Turner leads the Panthers in their final feat against Claflin University

Score: Claflin 70, Clark Atlanta 55
Record: Claflin (15-11); Clark Atlanta (10-17)
Date: March 2, 2017 | Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Birmingham CrossPlex | Birmingham, Ala.
Previous Matchup: Clark Atlanta has defeated twice this season: 72-60 on Feb. 4 and 57-49 on Feb. 20.

First Quarter | Kiyanna Johnson opened up the beginning of the first quarter making the first two points of the game with a layup. After Claflin made a 6-0 run, Clark Atlanta cut it short as Lauren Turner made a layup adding two more points for the Lady Panthers, 6-4. With 3:19 remaining in the first quarter, Marissa Mandeldove and Turner connected as they added a combined four points for the Panthers, 11-8. As the quarter finished, Mandeldove went in strong adding two more points for the Lady Panthers as they trailed Claflin, 13-10.

Second Quarter | Turner opened up the second quarter for Clark Atlanta as she made the layup with assistance from Nicole Graham later on sending Sydni Davisto the free throw line where she shot 2-for-2, 21-14. Claflin’s 7-0 run sent them 14 points in front of Clark Atlanta before Turner made a layup adding two points and was then sent to the free throw line where she shot 1-for-2, 28-17. Turner was then granted another chance at the free throw line where she shot 1-for-2 before Davis did the same leaving the Panthers trailing, 32-20. Clark Atlanta broke Clafin’s run as Turner made a layup followed by Mandeldove shooting 2-for2 at the free throw line, 32-24. Clark Atlanta ended the first half with a 5-1 run leaving the Clark Atlanta trailing by 12 points; 37-25.

Third Quarter | Clafin opened up the second half going on a 7-0 run before Davis ended that with two back to back layups adding four points for Clark Atlanta; 44-29. With 1:34 remaining in the quarter, Naquaisha Rattray was sent to the free throw line where she shot 1-for-2 leaving Clark Atlanta trailing; 50-30. Seconds remained as Mandeldove and Reyanna Miller shot 2-for-2 from the free throw line adding a combined four points for Clark Atlanta; 53-34.

Fourth Quarter | Rattray opened up the final quarter for the Panthers by scoring a layup and adding two points for the Panthers; 56-36. Mandeldove was then sent to the free throw line where she shot 2-for-2 before turning the ball over and making a clean layup followed by another one from Rattray; 56-42. With 5:20 remaining in the quarter, Rattray added two more points for Clark Atlanta leaving them within 14 points of Claflin; 56-44. Mandeldove ended Claflin’s 8-0 run with a layup as Turner followed with another layup and was sent to the free throw line where she added one additional point; 64-49. With 46 seconds remaining, Davis added a total of three points with two free throws and a layup followed by Miller with the final layup of the game finishing 70-55.

Clark Atlanta shot 18-61 (29.5 percent) from the floor and 19.6 (73.1 percent) from the free throw line. The Panthers struggled from behind the arc as they shot 0-14 (0 percent).

The Panthers led the battle in steals (11-10) and points off turnovers (24-16).

Clark Atlanta was on the wrong side of a 59-29 rebound tally.

Turner recorded another double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds – she led all players in both categories.

Davis finished her final game scoring 11 points and Nicole Graham grabbed five rebounds to finish the season.

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